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What the heck is Door-To-Door Comedy?
Well, it’s where comedians started taking their clean stand-up comedy directly to the audience. DTD started building their reputation by doing one hour comedy shows for residents right at their apartment complex clubhouse or pool area. In their first year they performed for over 2000 residents at over 70 shows. They still do apartment gigs. They also did several free shows called Nurse Night Out with more than an hour of super funny, clean, stand-up comedy at no cost to them. Currently they are helping multiple nonprofit organizations with Comedy, for the FUN-d of it! Email for details. 

Who are they, and are they any good?
This is NOT an open-mic or “wing it” show. These are the same acts they perform at comedy clubs and corporate events. All, have been professionally trained. Their corporate clients love them because they are always funny, they are so diverse in age and style, and they never ever have to worry about bad language or blue humor. This group was recently interviewed by Steve Roye, internationally recognized comedy teacher, for the work they are doing. 

Why would they do this?

The answer to that question is they want to bring clean stand-up to as many people as they can and stay sharp, so they will continue to perform at small and large venues as often as possible. They have always made their shows affordable so that more people can experience a fun night out. 

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